Scalable Plans to Help Online Retailers Automate and Grow Their Business

No Contracts, No Commissions. Pay-as-you-go, Cancel Anytime.

All Plans Include:

  • Cart or Single Source File Integrations
  • Set Import Automation up to 3x/day
  • Optimize Titles & Descriptions for SEO
  • Powerful Field Mapping Engine
  • Custom Price Setting Tool
  • Sophisticated Product Filter Tool
  • Rules-based Category Mapping
  • Updates Inventory for Variant Products
  • Full Onboarding Assistance & Help Center
Save 20% on Annual Pricing


$55 /mo

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  • 3 Vendor Plugs
  • 5,000 Products per Plug*
  • Submission Logs & Reports
  • Onboarding Support


$115 /mo

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  • 10 Vendor Plugs
  • 10,000 Products per Plug*
  • Submission Logs & Reports
  • Onboarding Support


$175 /mo

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  • 25 Vendor Plugs
  • 25,000 Products per Plug*
  • Submission Logs & Reports
  • Onboarding Support
* Easily Increase all account Plug Quota for only $5 per thousand per month additional. Volume price breaks available at 25,000 and 50,000+ additional SKUs per Plug. e-ProductPlug is compatible with Excel, .csv, tab delimited .txt, pipe delimited, semi-colon delimited, or similar files. XML or Database files will require a custom quote. Auto-retreiving files behind login walls, or files > 50mb will require an additional $10/month charge per Plug for processing 3X daily. Secondary spreadsheet file merging of supported formats into a Plug is $10/month. Manipulation of spreadsheets outside of the scope of e-ProductPlug options are $25/month for processing 3X daily. One-time custom file development charges may also be required. International-based clients (outside of the U.S.) will incur an International Transaction fee of $3/month.
Helpful Resources & Optional Custom Services

Custom Development

Product Options / Variations Setup

Web Scraping Services

Website Conversion Report Card with

Image Importing, Image Resizing

Custom Logo Design

Custom Website Template or Complete Store Design

Banner, Graphic Design (flash)

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Q: Are there any contracts to sign?

A: Nope. There are no contracts, e-ProductPlug is a subscription-based web app, and all plans are month to month unless you sign up for an annual plan (saves 20%).

Q: Does e-ProductPlug charge a setup fee or any transaction fees?

A: No, there are no setup fees on any of our plans. E-ProductPlug is designed as self-service software, but with support to help you get onboarded and plugged-in quickly. We’ll setup your first two Plugs working with you to help you learn how to navigate the app. We can setup more Plugs for you after the first two, the charge is $75 per plug. With only a FLAT monthly fee, we will never charge a transaction fee or a percentage of your sales.

Q: Do you charge based on total products on my website?

A: No, we charge based on the largest Vendor file you will use in e-ProductPlug. The first 5,000 product rows are included, additional product quantity can be added for $5 per additional thousand SKUs per month. For example, if the largest file (after filtering it in e-ProductPlug) contains 10,000 SKUs, you would pay $5 per additional thousand SKUs (since first 5,000 are included): $5 x 5 thousand = $25 for the additional SKUs plus the plan price. Then each Vendor plug will allow up to 10,000 SKUs.

Q: What type of file formats can you accept?

A: The flat file formats are best including a .csv, .txt (tab delimited), or Excel (.xls, or .xlsx) format. If the file is zipped, behind a login wall, or comes in a different but convertible format such as pipe delimited, we can convert and host the file for $10/month/file additional. Some files such as XML may require a custom programming one-time fee.

Q: I have products with variations (such as Size – Color options), can e-ProductPlug update the inventory and add new variation products as they come in?

A: E-ProductPlug cannot create variations at this time but can update them once they are setup. Our app will add in the main or parent item with all the product details such as Title, Description, cost, price, image, etc. so that it will make it easier for you to add in the options. Once the options are setup, just add an Advanced Options plug that will keep the inventory updated for the Options SKUs.

Depending on how the Vendor supplies the information, you can hire e-Mend Software to create a one-time uploadable file for your products with options. The price starts at $250.

Q: Do you offer Order Management?

A: Order management is not included in e-ProductPlug. Check with your ecommerce platform, most of them include that service already built-in.

Q: Do you list products on Marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay?

A: At this time we are not integrated with the Marketplaces directly. We do recommend our listing partner who also offers multi-channel inventory sync and we are well-integrated with…check out ecomdash.

Q: I use a cart that you are not yet integrated with, can you still help me?

A: We do offer a Single Source File integration option, whereby all the different Vendor Plugs you have would converge into a single file and submit up to 3x/day to an FTP location. In the settings you can select your cart so the file is upload-ready for your ecommerce cart. No manual conversion of field headers will be needed, just download the Single Source File, then manually upload into your cart, or direct onto Amazon, eBay, etc.

Q: Will this service increase my bandwidth and cost me more?

A: E-ProductPlug is setup on a Delta Feed process – so after the initial submission of the Vendor’s products, only products with changes (i.e. inventory, cost, etc.) and new products (inserts) will be submitted. The process is operated via API which will increase bandwidth somewhat, but should not be significant enough to add costs.

Q: Can I change to a different plan later?

A: Absolutely! You can upgrade your plan at any time from within the app under the ‘My Account’ tab. If you just need to increase the product quota, you don’t have to upgrade your plan, simply increase the per Plug quota amount in the ‘My Account’ tab.

Q: Can I cancel my account at any time?

A: Yes, if you ever decide that you aren’t in need of e-ProductPlug, simply log in and cancel from the ‘My Account’ tab. If you choose to cancel your account in the future you will never be charged again, but you are responsible for charges already incurred up until your cancellation. Refunds will not be issued and we do not prorate for partial months. Your account will remain live until the end of your billing cycle. View our Terms of Service.

It’s also easy to reactivate your account within 6 months of cancelling if you change your mind…just log in with your previous login credentials, and click the link to pay the monthly subscription, then you'll be able to pick up right where you left off.

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